Organic farming in Nepal: A viable option for food security and agricultural sustainability

Sovit Parajuli 1 , Jiban Shrestha 2 , Sabita Ghimire 3

1   Agriculture and Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan, NEPAL
2   Nepal Agricultural Research Council, Agriculture Botany Division, Khumaltar, Lalitpur, NEPAL
3   College of Natural Resource Management, Puranchaur, Kaski, NEPAL

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Increasing use of agrochemicals, higher production cost and deterioration of ecosystem health have advocated the need to change the traditional and external input using agriculture towards safe and sustainable organic production. The article reviewed on general overview of organic agriculture in Nepal. The article aims to put light on the current scenario of the dawdling-paced organic agriculture and the options to revive the pesticide dominated conventional agriculture. Promotion of organic agriculture was first appeared as a priority in the10th Five Year Plan of the Government of Nepal. Now it has been embedded in the national agricultural policy. Organic agriculture provides benefits in terms of environmental protection, conservation of nonrenewable resources, improved food quality, improve health status and the reorientation of agriculture towards areas of market demand. Various institutions, individuals and farmers are engaging in organic farming. Nepal is exporting organic products to international markets. The adoption of organic agriculture increases agricultural production and improves soil health and consumer health and seems a better option in countries like ours where fortunately integrated crop-livestock system is still prevalent. It is found to be viable option for better livelihood in the context of Nepal. Because the haphazard pesticide use has marred the conventional agriculture, all these contexts gesture this system to be scrutinize thoroughly and supplanted by organic farming system as a viable option towards food security and agricultural sustainability.


Agriculture, Conventional farming, Food security, Organic farming


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Parajuli, S., Shrestha, J., & Ghimire, S. (2020). Organic farming in Nepal: A viable option for food security and agricultural sustainability. Archives of Agriculture and Environmental Science, 5(2), 223-230.



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